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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions -Holland Lop Rabbits

Q. How long is the gestation period after breeding?
A. 30-31 days

Q. When do you put a nesting box in the cage?
A. A nesting box should be placed in the cage on the 29th day.

Q. Why would breed two does at the same time?
A. If one doe rejects her kits or if one has too many kits you can put some with the other doe.

Q. What do you feed your rabbits?
A. You find a good pellet that gives your rabbits all their needs for body and fur. I use Manna Pro from Tractor Supply.

Q. What is a good treat for rabbits?
A. Hay and black oil sunflower seeds.

Q. What if your rabbit quits eating and drinking?
A. A rabbit can’t throw up so you get a fresh pineapple, use the juice and a syringe of about 10cc for about 5-6 days. This fresh fruit has the enzymes to dissolve a fur ball that the rabbit might have.