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About Us – Holland Lop Breeder

Meet Richard Showalter, Owner of Rich’s Show Rabbits

Richard Showalter

In 1958, as a boy in Ohio, I started raising rabbits. It was because of the tutorship of a man named Al Roedanz. Al was a man in his sixties. He was a show rabbit judge and highly respected for his knowledge of Rabbitry. Al had several previous years of raising the finest rabbits around the area. With his guidance I followed his example. I started with a purebred doe and she produced a lot of great kits. I started with Molly and before long I had a herd of over 200 rabbits. I had the nicest pens in the area, they were made of redwood. All was great until one summer evening I came home from a Scout meeting and saw my barn ablaze. Everything was gone.

From that time, I moved into adulthood, finished schooling, married my beautiful wife, Pat and raised six wonderful children. After many years I am now retired and have decided to once again pursue my love for the hobby of raising rabbits.

I started by buying one of the best books, in my opinion, on the market today, using it to redefine my skills and adapt any new procedures or management changes. After reading the book I decided to raise one breed: Holland Lop, the breed I love so much. I began searching for the best breeders in Lake County. I choose the Holland Lop Breeders, mostly from Ohio. I searched for the best breeders that had show quality does and bucks. I asked many questions about their practices to combine the best breeding results. I also talked to several judges to make sure what to look for in a show rabbit. Everyone I talked to was more than willing to share experiences and tips for raising a healthy herd.

I hope you enjoy my site and I invite you to view some of my Holland Lop Grand Champions, and the bunnies I have for sale in Conneaut, Ohio. Also, I love connecting with fellow breeders and bunny enthusiasts! Feel free to send me an email anytime.